MFPI Newly Elected and Re-Elected Members of the Board of Trustees

February 2, 2021

Dear MFPI Members,
At our Special Assembly/Meeting last January 16, 2021, the following six(6) Trustees were elected to serve until July 2023.
Ms. Gemma Cruz Araneta – 143 votes
Atty. Dominador Buhain – 129 votes
Mr. Ivan Man Dy – 144 votes
Mr. Daniel C. Jacinto – 140 votes
Atty. Josephina Tapia – 142 votes
Mr. Maximillian Robert Ventura – 141 votes
They will form your Board of Trustees, together with the following:
Alberto Juan E. Avellana – ex ofício trustee
Cynthia I. Blardony
Deanna Ongpin Recto
Ivan Man Dy
Maria Felicitas R. Zaballero
Michael Angelo Liwanag
Yael A. Buencamino
Here are the officers for 2021-2022:
Ms Yael A. Buencamino – President
Ms. Maria Felicitas R. Zaballero – Vice-President
Atty. Josephina Tapia – Corporate Secretary
Mr. Ivan Man Dy – Assistant Corporate Secretary
Ms. Cynthia I. Blardony – Treasurer
Ms. Deanna Ongpin Recto – Assistant Treasurer
We are certain that the new MFPI Board will lead our organization to even greater heights.
Congratulations and Mabuhay!
Yours respectfully,
Alberto Juan E. Avellana
Members of the Special Assembly & Election Committee 2021:
Atty. Victor Reginald A. Dimacuha
Ms. Patricia Maria C. Lopa
Mr. Martin Lopez
Ms. Deanna Ongpin Recto

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