Museum Foundation Hall

The Museum Foundation Hall

With funds raised from the annual Art in the Park and the 2009 Habi (comprised of the 2nd Traditional Textiles Symposium, the Market Encounter bazaar, and a fashion show), the Museum Foundation renovated a hall in the National Art Gallery. On display today are four restored murals by Carlos V. Francisco. The hall has also become a venue for public meetings and events and was inaugurated as such with a town hall meeting presided over by US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and billed as A Conversation in Manila. Held November 16, 2011 and streamed and broadcast live across the globe, the event introduced the Museum Foundation Hall as the latest civic space at the National Museum. Student leaders from around the country, media personalities, and internet ‘netizens’ gathered to ask questions of Secretary Clinton.

Redecorated by the prominent architecture firm Leandro V. Locsin Partners and equipped with lighting and sound buffers, the MFPI Hall is now part of 29 galleries that housed the collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts.