MaArte At The Pen 2018: The #PinoyManCave

MaArte at The Pen’s “PinoyManCave” Features Unique Finds for the Filipino Gentleman

The 10th edition of the MaArte Fair promises to be more interesting this year. Not only will there be more exhibitors participating when the annual fundraising event opens on August 10 at The Gallery of The Peninsula Manila, the range of products and accessories will also be more “inclusive” with rare items that will be interesting for the Filipino Gentleman.

Albert Avellana, President of the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (MFPI), explains that the move to invite exhibitors offering unique “finds” for men was due to an observation that a lot of husbands and boyfriends attending previous fairs just ended up holding shopping bags for their partners. ”We will make it worthwhile for them when they accompany their wives and girlfriends to the fair this year,” Avellana remarked.

MaArte at the Pen’s “PinoyManCave” will feature a mix of fashion and accessories for men by MaArte Fair exhibit regulars and newbies. Designers Mich Araullo, Tim Tam Ong, Aranaz, Creative Definitions, TDLG (Tweetie De Leon Gonzales), and Balay ni Atong will present custom designs together with first-time exhibitors, such as:

Randy Ortiz
One of the most enduring and recognizable names in Philippine fashion, Randy Ortiz gained national prominence as one of the featured designers of fashion-forward retail brand – Sari-Sari. From there he was able to branch out into different facets of the fashion business including building his own brand for haute couture, bridal and men’s wear. His exquisitely-tailored suits has made him the go-to designer for fashionable male celebrities and society figures. Randy Ortiz continues to lead the way in the Philippine fashion scene when he recently staged the 20th Anniversary gala entitled Aspirer, which was dubbed by Metro Magazine and Lifestyle Network as the most important fashion event of the year.

Siklo Pilipinas
Siklo Pilipinas derives its name from the Pilipino word siklo, which means “cycle,” and Pilipinas . Siklo Pilipinas founding couple Lyndon Ecuacion and Clarice de Villa-Ecuacion are advocates for eco-ethical lifestyle. They “up-cycle” inner tube products from tons of dumped rubber tires in their quest to create stylish, functional, waterproof, accessories and apparel for those that thrive on a rugged island lifestyle.

Cosimo Leathersmiths
Cosimo Leathersmiths was founded by Lori Almario, a third generation member of the famous Gregorio clan known for their impeccable work with leather, and well-crafted leather shoes. Cosimo relies on the know-how and knowledge of someone who has been immersed in the leather crafting business since infancy to create intricate, high quality, and durable creations. Cosimo is the first brand of Gregorio et Filiae, Inc., a third generation, family owned leather goods business.

Cosimo Leathersmiths was established only in 2018 but the legacy of the family dates back to 1938, when Julio Gregorio founded Gregg Shoes, an established Philippine brand known for its quality and durability. Cosimo uses only genuine leather, up-cycled from vintage leather jackets and genuine leather cuttings. With the knowledge handed down from years of experience in leather and shoes then fabric and garments, the designer Lori Almario, has put together an environmental friendly process to produce new bags, employing Filipino artisans and craftsmen.

Rameilius Trading, Inc.
Established in 2013 by businessman and artist Ramiro A. Luis, Rameilius Trading Inc. is a company is engaged in retail, manufacturing and distribution of various designer accessories for men, women and children. As a designer and an active follower of fashion trends, Rameilius makes sure that every product they create is marketable and trendy for all sorts of genders and ages without sacrificing quality and style. Ramiro’s business smarts and artistic sensibilities has proven to be a profitable combination as products by his barely 5-year old company are already being sold in all SM Department stores in Metro Manila.

Save the date for you and that special man in your life and visit the #PinoyManCave at the MaArte Fair where you can shop till you drop—for a cause.

MaArte at The Pen is free and open to the general public. It will run from August 10 to 12 at The Gallery on the third floor of The Peninsula Manila.

For more information, please call the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. at (02) 697.9509 or (02) 404.2685 or send an e-mail to: You may also follow @maartefair at Facebook and Instagram or visit their website:

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